Episode 31 Show Notes

Episode 31 can be found here and here. We’ve experimented with a lower quality file to make the download faster, but I personally find it a bit tinny sounding so will not be doing this again. I hope it isn’t too annoying!

I’ve jumped on the stashdash2014 bandwagon, and am at 2,520 metres with a month left. Eep! If you’re interested, there’s a forum here from The Knit Girrls which has all the details. I heard about this on the Knitmore Girls podcast

I finished my Geodesic! I forgot to talk about one of the issues I had with it, and will endeavour to remember for next time. It does look very pretty!

I’m making another Forester Pullover (Brooklyn Tweed pattern by Michele Wang). The one I made last year is so warm and cosy, I need another.

My socks are chugging along. 

I had to rip some of Aestlight, but am now back on track.

I’ve been hunting down UFOs to help me with stashdash2014.

I finished my Modern Medallion top! 😀

I whipped up a baby quilt for my cousin’s bub, based on a dream (because I am a crazy person).

I will be participating in the Sea Breeze Mini Quilt-along, and there will be a special mini-podcast on the 24th. Details here. Anyone can still join in!

Peace out,

Ms Spider xo

PS. Photos just WILL NOT upload consistently today, but I’m publishing anyway darnit!

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