Episode 30 Show Notes

A whole month has passed, but here I am! Episode 30 can be found here and here.

I’ve been sick (again, curses!) and swamped at work, but I’m still kicking (and crafting)!

I found the details for the maker of the swift and niddy-noddy I mentioned in episode 29! Peter and Mary Mitchell of Badjacrafts: Wooden Toys, Pens and more, Stunning Fibre Creations. If you are interested in their work, you can contact them at badjacraftsATbluemaxxDOTcomDOTau

I finished my Coda pullover in Tosh DK (Coquette). I love it to death!

2014-06-05 07.41.44-2

While a virus ate my brain, I picked up Geodesic again and am now on the second sleeve!

2014-06-14 08.14.56

I finished spinning and knitting the cowl for my friend. Pattern here.

2014-06-07 09.10.39-2

2014-06-14 12.55.02

I started an Aestlight Shawl in Skein Merino Cashmere Fingering, in colours Sprout and Enchanted.

2014-06-26 18.46.53

I unpicked all of the (bad) quilting on my Lucky (unlucky?) Quilt. Please note the blurry husband helping in the background. He’s a saint.

2014-06-07 17.10.49-2

It is in the naughty corner until I have help to re-baste.

I started a quilt-along for the Modern Medallion Quilt by Crystal McGann (mini-episode to follow with more detail about that).

I’m going to start another quilt-along soon for the Sea Breeze Mini Quilt from Canoe Ridge Creations.

I also helped a friend finish up some stuff for her new baby.

2014-06-06 14.01.08

2014-06-07 15.44.13

Oh yeah… and the baby is super cute. (Ah, new baby smell! I’m actually just blinking but I look like I’m getting a good whiff!)

2014-06-24 17.01.11

Peace out!

MS Spider

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