Episode 28 Show Notes

Episode 28 Can be found here and here.

More dot points:

–          Libby and I went to the Creative Textiles Show at the Convention Centre in Canberra.


I spent a lot of money at Yarn Glorious Yarn and walked away with two garments worth of Madtosh tosh dk in Coquette and Fog.


–          I also bought some fabric and a book: Modern Bee


–          I acquired another booke: Material Obsession 2

–          I remembered to show off my Squirrel Cardigan


–          I made a jumper for our dog, Obie. The pattern is the Flirty Cabled Vest


–          I finished the sleeves of my Marion Cardigan, and was not super happy with it. Mostly my own fault for playing fast and loose with guage and choosing the wrong yarn.


–          I learned how to spin long-draw and spun some yummy 3ply from a floofy, dreamy Nunnabar bat


–          I talk about a failed project from the past: my Vonica cardigan. If it sounds like your thing, let me know! I’m never going to wear it…

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

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