Episode 24 Show Notes

Also late! Find me here and here.

I complain about being sick.

I got some interesting feedback from the show.

2014-02-25 07.50.56      

I kept chugging along on Hugo.

2014-02-23 15.18.29

I started a new quilt: Lucky by Thimble Blossoms.

2014-03-01 21.34.38-2

2014-03-04 10.18.32

I finished the wedding quilt (I’ll put up a proper photo spread after the wedding, I promise).

2014-02-27 20.07.12

I finished my test-sew – the little grumpy atheist goat (I’ll give you a link when the pattern is available).

2014-03-09 15.21.55-2

I baked some snickerdoodle cupcakes.

2014-03-09 17.27.34

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

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