Episode 14 Show Notes

You can find episode 14 here and here.

This week, I’m totally sick of being sick.

I finished one sleeve of my Pinnet Cardigan. No selfies… red nose! You’ll have to wait til I finish the thing 😉IMG_9246


I dyed myself an Ella Funt (by Pamela Wynne) kit and am having a lovely time working it up.2013-11-28 18.26.44-2

I’ve also just finished dyeing a kit for Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny.


I made my back piece for my quilt but an interfering dog has stopped me from making the sandwich.

2013-11-29 12.29.43

I practiced my free-motion (NOT free-form) quilting.

2013-11-29 14.34.30

I start an applique cushion.

2013-11-24 08.30.08

We planted our orchard (and it’s now too dark to take a photo – next week!).

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

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