Episode 13 Show Notes

Episode 13 is here and here.

A very mixed bag!

I talk about my quilt top and the joys of quilting. With husband and puppy for scale! The colours are a little more intense – the second pic seems quite washed out to me.

2013-11-23 11.14.47

2013-11-23 11.18.20

These are my sashing (above) and backing (below) fabrics.

2013-11-19 19.41.15

I talk about my husband’s Christmas socks (which I’ve since finished. Yay!).

2013-11-25 20.59.33

I mention my Asbury Beret. Pattern here.

2013-11-25 20.57.34

I continue with my Geodesic cardigan, without much enthusiasm. No pic this time, because it looks exactly the same as last week…

I seamed an ancient BSJ in assorted leftover sock yarns… still need to choose some buttons though. 2013-11-25 20.57.48

And I am struggling to remember anything else… which is a good indication of my general mental capacity at this moment! Luckily for me, this is what my world looks like most evenings… hard to beat.

2013-11-23 06.34.07

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

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