Episode 7 Show Notes

Find episode 7 here and here.

Today is a rambly one!

I chat about my Margrathea in Solar Flair Fibres Aine in Mauvish (etsy store here). Mine here.


Margrathea Detail

I discuss the Watering in the Garden Shawlette by Giddy Davies I am making in Ozifarmer’s Market Gitterata  (etsy store here). Mine is here.

Watering in the Garden Shawlette

Shawlette Detail

There’s a bit of a colour theme, right?!

I talk briefly about my Baby Puck jacket in my own overdyed Paton’s Jet.

Baby Puck

I spin a bit of my yarn vs zombies Princesses of Heart merino.

Princesses of Heart

Princesses of Heart

I think I might need to make the finished yarn into yet another Honey Cowl.

I ramble about Coeliac’s, ballet, odd gifts and perfectionism.

Please join the new HappySpiderKnits ravelry group – there’s a poll up so you can let me know what you want to hear me talk about. HappySpiderFibreArts on etsy has had a few updates – please read the notice about shipping.

Peace out!

Ms Spider xo

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