Episode 5 Show Notes

Something is hinky with my RSS feed (which means episodes 4 and 5 have not yet appeared on iTunes!) – find the direct link here. ETA – fixed! Apparently we were failing to tick the box that says “publish as podcast” instead of “download only”. Ugh! iTunes is happy again.

In this early episode, I discuss swooping birds and crazy Spring weather.

(This is a visual for non-Aussies – not me being swooped. Imagine the shrieking accompanied by repeated attempts to remove one’s scalp).

I express my great relief in finishing my Cardigan of Doom (and my extreme joy in wearing the thing in said crazy Spring weather).

(I will attempt some better photos… on the other hand, admire my lovely knitted-look iphone cover from Smiggle!)

I plug aussieyarning’s Martina Behm KAL and wax lyrical about my Trillian in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino (Quarry Hill). Doesn’t it look like the sample?

I also mention Fiona from Solar Flair Fibre‘s pretty yarn.

I complain about my sore neck/shoulder (which is, incidentally, much improved since I recorded).

I mention my brand new etsy store with excitement (and some trepidation!), and go on for a bit about the fun I’ve had with all the dyeing.

I express my excitement with an upcoming Sunday at the Boorowa Woolfest.

Peace out,

Ms Spider xo

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