Episode 4 Show Notes

Find Episode 4 on libsyn or itunes. For some reason, itunes hasn’t updated yet, so apologies if this is frustrating.

This episode, my geekery is full-flavoured and (mostly) unapologetic!

I rant for a bit about misconceptions around Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I reference Arthur Brook’s The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet. This rant ends about 16 minutes in, if you want to skip to the knitting.

I spin some merino/possum from yarn vs zombies, and a Nunnaba art batt.ImageImage

I dye some self-striping sock yarn and some merino roving.Image

I progress on the sleeves of my blasted cardigan.Image

I talk about this pattern booklet for baby knitting: Leisure Arts #4577, Knit Lace & Leaves for Baby

I mention Joyce at aussieyarning again; Joyce’s special episode about Knit Camp is up, and if you’re interested you can see me spinning with my friend Kate at about 9:30 and see my interview at about 1:00:00. I’m really glad she did this – I got so overwhelmed by yarn fumes, I barely took 12 photos all weekend!

I also mention Anastasiamw of For the Knit of it who gave me a lovely review.

Peace out xox

2 thoughts on “Episode 4 Show Notes

  1. wow! strong urge to “stage” a production of Romeo and Juliet entirely on facebook… I love that Shakespeare is relevant to computers.

    glorious episode! I love love love the rainbow sock yarn!

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