Episode 26 Show Notes

Super late show notes again! Huzzah!

Episode 26 can be found here and here.

In this episode, I announce the winner of the giveaway.

I finally get to give my friend her wedding gift – my second quilt (AKA the wedding quilt AKA the chevron quilt).





I talk about the English Paper Piecing class I took with Michelle of Buttontreelane (she has some super cute zippy project bags for sale at the moment, by the way). The next class is Sunday 29th June and you can enrol here.

2014-03-30 12.19.00-2

I mention Mikaela of Canberra Creatives, and her Pozible campaign. Please consider a small contribution. Mikaela blogged about the EPP class here - for those of you playing at home, that’s my purple cardigan of doom in the firth last picture!

Naturally, I did a lot of paper piecing after this workshop.

2014-04-07 20.00.32

2014-04-05 21.45.42

It’s sockapalooza, but in a haze of sinusy goodness I had hardly any photos.

2014-04-05 11.33.02-2

I spun some lush silk/merino from fibre2go.

2014-03-29 10.23.40

2014-04-07 20.39.52-2

I struggled a bit with Marion, but through no fault of the pattern.

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

Episode 25 Show Notes and Giveaway!

Finally, some show notes on the day the episode goes live! Amazing stuff, people. Find me here and here.

In this episode, I take you all on a little Autumn morning walk and make assorted animal noises. Full disclosure – only the first pic is the morning, but I wanted to give you an idea of how pretty my walks are :)

2014-03-15 08.40.00

2014-03-17 18.13.35-1

2014-03-11 18.11.44

I talk about finishing Hugo and the love both my blokes have for the garment. They’re both about to be dragged off for a photo shoot – hopefully we’ll have a better shot for you by next episode!

2014-03-16 16.05.36

I explain Cleckheaton Perfect Day again.

I start Marion by Andi Satterland (thanks to lovely listener Michelle for the pattern!) in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Jewel. It’s got more grass in it than our lawn right now!

I get excited about this podcast’s 25th episode and 6 months of existence and all the happy things going on around me, so we’re having a giveaway! Hope over to itunes and give me a review, then leave a comment in this thread to win this  100g skein of Happy Spider Fibre Arts 4ply Merino/Nylon sock yarn in the yummy, Autumnal “Fallen”. Don’t stress non-aussies, I will just cope with the postage – jump on in!


If you’re having trouble leaving a review, this youtube video should help.

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

Episode 24 Show Notes

Also late! Find me here and here.

I complain about being sick.

I got some interesting feedback from the show.

2014-02-25 07.50.56      

I kept chugging along on Hugo.

2014-02-23 15.18.29

I started a new quilt: Lucky by Thimble Blossoms.

2014-03-01 21.34.38-2

2014-03-04 10.18.32

I finished the wedding quilt (I’ll put up a proper photo spread after the wedding, I promise).

2014-02-27 20.07.12

I finished my test-sew – the little grumpy atheist goat (I’ll give you a link when the pattern is available).

2014-03-09 15.21.55-2

I baked some snickerdoodle cupcakes.

2014-03-09 17.27.34

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

Episode 22 Show Notes

Episode 22 can be found here and here.

I turned 29 on the 3rd and was very spoilt!

There has been minimal knitting: a baby february jacket is on the first sleeve, the sleeves are finished on Squirrel cardigan and I’ve started my second sock. 2014-02-08 15.28.23-2

I do, however, want to knit this (thanks Michelle!).

My luscious, lovely silk and merino 3ply is finished!

2014-01-30 21.23.49

There has been much more English Paper Piecing. I did my applique for the back of the wedding gift chevron quilt.

2014-02-02 07.58.19-2

There are hexies happening.

My patchwork of the crosses is underway.

2014-02-07 16.39.43

2014-02-08 10.48.24

There has been much fabric stashing.

2014-02-01 09.06.39-2

If you have amazing self control, you must visit Green Tangerine Quilts2014-02-08 09.47.42

I’ve also dyed some watermelon self-striping sock yarn – finally on etsy.

Peace out

Ms Spider


Episode 21 Show Notes

Episode 21 can be found here and here.

These are dreadfully late, and will be brief.

Spinning – I finished my Fairy Bower 3ply from Waratah Fibres Merino.

2014-01-25 20.13.21-2

2014-01-26 12.11.46-2

I started spinning my Glenora Silk tops and started matching merino to ply it with.

2014-01-26 14.16.49-1

2014-01-27 13.22.49

Sewing – much English Paper Piecing, specifically 1″ hexies for the back of the wedding gift chevron quilt.

2014-01-28 08.38.25

Knitting – I finished a vanilla sock and a sleeve of my squirrel cardigan. There is nothing worthy of a photograph!

I also seamed a friend’s first sweater – I’ll beg her for a proper modelled FO shot when it’s properly finished (there’s still some tweaking left).

Random – I made myself some thread bobbin holders out of repurposed frames and they are SO useful.

2014-01-29 21.24.14-1

Very pleased I went through on the idea, as I was able to recycle/upcycle many items that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Peace out

Ms Spider xo

Episode 20 Show Notes

Episode 20 can be found here and here.

A glittering, golden week!

Tuesday saw my rainbow quilt quilted, with help of Brave New Quilts and First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting.

2014-01-14 11.20.06

2014-01-14 13.01.11

2014-01-14 13.01.28

On Wednesday, a friend and I went on a road trip to visit Glenora Weaving & Wool in Gerringong and Sew and Tell in Berry.

2014-01-15 12.32.05

2014-01-15 12.32.15

2014-01-15 12.31.37

2014-01-15 13.07.18

2014-01-15 14.08.20

2014-01-15 14.50.17-2

2014-01-15 15.21.09

There were many purchases! Kaffe Fassets Museum Quilts is the only product I can link to, however.

Thursday I bound my quilt… using The Practical Guide to Patchwork as reference.

And Friday I finished it!

2014-01-17 08.49.55

2014-01-17 08.50.01

2014-01-17 08.51.21

I also painted some pegboard to go behind my desk and store sewing tools. I used this as a reference.

2014-01-17 10.51.04

Saturday I made a pouch to carry paper piecing patchwork around in. I used this tutorial. I’m not going to put up a picture because this is way too picture heavy already! Mine looks pretty much like the one in the tutorial.

A glorious week indeed!

Peace out,

Ms Spider xo


Episode 19 Show Notes

Episode 19 is here and here.

I mope a little about my ongoing headaches.

I finish the body of my squirrel cardigan and let it rest for a while.

My sock continues nicely.

2014-01-10 08.47.26

I work on an Artichaut and discuss some of the challenges with the pattern. (It’s really adorable!)

2014-01-11 17.06.07

I’m using yarn left over from this project. (For those of you curious about my weight loss, there are some pre-loss pics!).

I finish my chevron quilt top (this tutorial).

2014-01-06 15.05.48

I talk about Kathreen Ricketson’s gorgeous book; Brave New Quilts. It’s given me a bazillion ideas!

I clean my sewing room (!!!) and am ridiculously thrilled with my new work space. The photos are shocking, but you get the idea!




I plot to keep more accurate records of my fabric stash using the quiltography app.

I announce the winner of the Botanical Knits Giveaway – congratulations to MumofAussieKidz!

Peace out,

Ms Spider xo

Episode 18 Show Notes

Late show notes again (sorry!).

Episode 18 can be found here and here.

I talk about having (but kind of not having) New Year’s Resolutions. Having my own Japanese Maple to hide under should be on the list!

2013-12-31 12.56.55

I do a lot of invisible knitting of my Squirrel! cardigan.

2014-01-04 21.06.20-2

The pattern is All in a Nutshell – a freebie, but take care!

I start some socks.

I rescue a friend’s cardigan by reknitting the 2 outer stitches of each side of the piece. The edge on the left in this picture has been corrected, the other side is waiting for attention.

2014-01-03 15.55.47

I start sewing a Washi but am impaired by a lack of a) shirring elastic and b) ability to use shirring elastic.

2014-01-04 10.00.58

I start a chevron quilt which is to be the wedding gift for a very special lady. I am using this tutorial, from the little fabric shop blog. I highly recommend it – clear and achievable.

2014-01-02 20.53.15

2014-01-04 18.05.43

This is a Galah, the bride’s spirit animal.

I spin some Waratah Fibres Merino in Fairy Bower, and enjoy the company of fellow spinners.

2014-01-03 13.56.46

I complain about some an audiobook reader in a manner that is, quite frankly, rather unkind.

Peace out,

Ms Spider xo

Episode 17 Show Notes (plus a giveaway!)

Episode 17 can be found here and here.

In this (slightly late) episode, I describe the hectic beating of my own brain as it desperately tries to escape!

I talk about my family’s Christmas celebrations and worry about my inability to make decisions with my Shoes of Prey gift voucher.

I mention Rare Exports, a deliciously weird Christmas film.

2013-12-23 10.33.30

I tell another dreadful Christmas cracker joke (the dog is unmoved).

I talk about the progress made on Geodesic and an impromptu hat I whipped up.


I pull out the dye pots and then greedily stare at the resulting fair isle kits. I talk about Ella Funt and Whales.  2013-12-28 08.38.28

I finish my applique cushion, some quilting practice and whip up a few dresses for a 4 year old.

2013-12-26 21.28.12



2013-12-29 13.47.03-2

I also plan to make a Washi/Washi Hybrid in the New Year.

I finish spinning the Manx Loaghtan.

2013-12-30 08.26.32

I finally review the fabulous Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos and actually finish what I start… and set up a giveaway for the ebook copy of this book. Just have a look at the book on ravelry, then head over to the HappySpiderKnits Ravelry group and leave a comment in the Botanical Knits giveaway forum with your favourite pattern. I’m intending to choose the winner via random number generator on Sunday 12th January, and announcing in the episode I record that day (I won’t say episode number # because I may get in a few extras while on break).